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What is SAP Business One

 SAP  BusinessOne is a single integrated yet affordable financial and business management software solution that’s specifically designed for growing and midsize organisations.

Drawing upon 35 years of experience in developing business management software, SAP built SAP Business One from the ground up – exclusively to meet the changing and industry-specific needs of businesses like yours.​
With more than 30,000 satisfied customers worldwide, rely on a proven and scalable solution built to grow with the needs of your business. With options to address your IT infrastructure, industry requirements, budget and mobility, SAP Business One is the one solution you need to outperform your competitors and drive growth.​


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our solution offering includes...​

B1 Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud is the new cloud-based platform providing all of the demonstrated capabilities you’ve come to know from SAP Business One. 

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B1 Mobility

Mobile applications enable you to mobilize your business information through the integration of mobile devices with the SAP Business One application. 

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B1 Analytics

Real-time analytics can empower your decision makers from the shop floor to the corner office with real-time, contextual insight. ​Using business analytics...

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SAP HANA, is an affordable, highly-scalable business management solution with seamlessly integrated transactions and analytics on one appliance.

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our service offering includes...


The introduction of a new hardware or software infrastructure is a considerable cost factor. In order to keep total cost low and to meet the immediate and long-term... 

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Our vendor-certified consultants have earned a reputation as leaders in providing technical solutions. With every consulting project, our goal is...

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We like to stay with our customers and to grow with them. Technology is changing and so is business. We support our solutions and platform long-term...

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SAP Financing offers companies of all sizes an affordable, all-inclusive and predictable financing option. With SAP Financing you can plan the overall cost of your SAP investment over up to 5 years...

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SAP business one features overview.

  • General ledger and journal entries​​​​ 
  • Basic cost accounting and monitoring ​of project costs  
  • Budget management​​​​​  
  • Banking and bank statement processing​​​​​  
  • Payment processing and reconciliation​  
  • Financial statements and reporting  
  • Sales tax and value-added tax  
  • Multicurrency support  
  • Opportunities and pipeline management 
  • Customer contact and activity management​​​​​  
  • Sales quotations and orders​​​​​  
  • Invoicing and crediting​​​​​  
  • Sales and pipeline forecast​  
  • Service contract management  
  • Service-call management entry and tracking  
  • Purchase proposals​​​​ 
  • Purchase orders and deliveries​​​​​  
  • Goods receipts and returns​​​​​  
  • Accounts payable invoice and credit notess​​​​​  
  • Bill of materials  
  • Production orders  
  • Forecasting and material requirements planning  
  • Items management and item queries​​​​ 
  • Receipt to stock, release from stock, and stock transactions​​​​​  
  • Stock transfer between multiple warehouses​​​​​  
  • Serial number management​​​​​  
  • Inventory revaluation​  
  • Customer and vendor catalog  
  • Price lists and special pricing  
  • Batch management  
  • Pick and pack​​  ​​ ​​
  • Full integration with Crystal Reports® software
  • “Drag and relate,” drill downs, search assistance, workflow-based alerts    
  • Employee directory and administration, employee time
  • Remote support platform
  • Data migration workbench, data archiving
  • SAP® Business One Software Development Kit

frequently asked questions?

Although SAP does provide business solutions for very large organisations, SAP Business One has been specifically designed to meet the needs (and the budget) of small to medium sized businesses.​​                                                                                                            
SAP has historically invested heavily and continues to invest in Business One and they have a long range roadmap for the products development. There are now in excess of 25,000 installations worldwide and SAP Business One is key to SAP’s strategy for providing solutions for SME organisations.​​                                                                                                            
Because SAP Business One is an out of the box solution which can be tailored to you specific needs it can be implemented very quickly, however Ochiba recommend that you allow a minimum of three months to implement the project as this will allow you to focus on the project along with doing your day job.​ ​                                                                                                            
SAP Business One is designed for small and medium sized businesses and therefore it is priced accordingly whilst always allowing for organisational growth. Prices are user based and take into account the profile of an individual user.​                                                                                                            
SAP Business One is aimed at companies with anything between 3 and 150+ employees. The system is designed to be flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the organisation as it grows.​​​​​​​                                                                                                           

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